A Fitness Project is here to serve you by creating and delivering online training programs and fitness nutrition focused meal plans. These programs allow clients to reach their goals and discover a new, healthy lifestyle that they can continue for years to come.

See below for the benefits of utilizing online training!

It’s affordable!

Online training allows everyone the opportunity to hire a trainer at a price that anyone can afford! You can spend less while still receiving the best coaching and support.

It’s flexible!

Online training offers the flexibility of exercising whenever and wherever you choose! This means there is no need to commit to one location, one trainer or one time. This flexibility offers you the control of working around your busy schedule, which we know it is!


Online training allows the client to reach out to their trainer at any time throughout the week, rather than only during floor sessions, as with a gym trainer. Online trainers are quick to respond to emails and in-app messages. Weekly accountability check ins and ongoing support keep clients consistent and on track.

Progress Tracking

A Fitness Project grants client access to a training app. This app allows the trainer and client to track client’s progress at any given time. This includes tracking exercise progress, weigh ins, and uploading and viewing progress photos. The app is equipped with many other features including scheduling and rescheduling training sessions, write workout notes, sending messages, viewing meal plans and exercise tutorials for proper form and application.

I hope that we have the opportunity to work together to create the body and fitness lifestyle that you desire!